Drafting Services Cost

Drafting Services Cost

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The question of how much does do drafting services cost is a common one and mostly it’s a simple answer. Drafting services cost determined by the type of drawing you want and the size. Size does play a major role when calculating drafting services cost. The cost will vary depending on whether or not the homeowner wants to use a pre-created house plan or have an architect design a totally new blueprint. In many cases, the quote you receive from a drafter will be a fixed price, often expressed as a percentage of the cost of the total project. Drafting services cost less than architects because they have no formal education requirements and don’t provide as much in their drawings as an architect would.

The way the plans are drawn up will affect the costs. Preliminary plans would cost less than full-blown plans. Having the plans altered would also incur more drafting service costs. It’s best to hire a draftsperson once you have a solid idea of what you want in a design. The more changes you make after the initial draft, the higher your hourly fees will go. Any changes in a project during the CAD drawing process add to the final drafting services cost as they require extra working hours. However, many drafting studios make minor corrections for free. Finally, the timeliness of your project will affect the drafting service cost. Like any other service, rushed work costs money. Changing schedules, reprioritizing, and rushed deadlines always cost more than lengthy, organized timelines.

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