CAD services hourly rate

CAD Services Hourly Rate

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One of the very first steps in new home construction is to draft a plan of the property that indicates how it will be constructed and what the final product will look like. In most cases, a CAD drafting service firm will be required as part of a new home construction project. And they bill by hourly or by project. CAD services hourly rate can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the years of experience. CAD drafting services generally charge less than architect because they have no formal education requirements and don’t provide as much in their drawings as an architect would. 

A professional draftsman, also known as a building designer, will draw up an original blueprint of your new home (or additional living space) that will show not only you but your contractor what it will look like when complete. Such blueprints also show contractors what materials they are to use while working on your project. Many lending institutions also require blueprints before they will provide financing for a new home construction or home addition project, making a draftsman of utmost importance.

One way to accurately determine the CAD services hourly rate of a draftsman is to learn about the factors involved in pricing their services. Here are some of the things that can affect CAD services hourly rate:

The type of CAD drawing

Some jobs are more difficult than others. No two architectural drawings cost the same. All projects are different — designs for a high-end commercial space will naturally cost more than those for, let’s say, granny flats. Moreover, each type of drafts has its own subtypes — for example, interior drawings include lighting plans, electricity schedules, plumbing schemes, wall elevations, etc. Naturally, more detailed drawings require more time, therefore their ultimate cost is higher. The cost will vary depending on whether or not the homeowner wants to use a pre-created house plan or have an architect design a totally new blueprint.

Skill level of the draftsman

If you need a drawing of a commercial design, an architectural drafter who specializes in residential work may not be able to assist you. You’ll need to hire a draftsman with expertise in commercial architecture. Generally, commercial draftsmen charge more than residential draftsmen because their work is more difficult and covers a bigger scope.

The number of views

One of the main factors that affect the price of the entire drafting process is the number of views that a client needs. For example, depending on a task, a Designer may need a floor plan for only one room or each room in a house. An Architect can order only a plan view for one project or add elevation and section view for another. Each view requires more time which means more paid working hours of outsource draftsmen.

Job complexity

The way the plans are drawn up will affect the costs. Preliminary plans would cost less than full-blown plans. Having the plans altered would also incur more costs. Additional processes, such as the submission of the plans to the council, enlisting the help of an engineer, or any other task not solely related to drafting will also incur extra costs. 


Finally, the timeliness of your project will affect the cost to hire a draftsman. Draftsman jobs are further complicated by the timeframe in which the plans need to be accomplished. Like any other service, as a general rule, more complex work requires a longer timeline of completion. Changing schedules, reprioritizing and rushed deadlines always cost more than lengthy, organized timelines.

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