CAD Services Cost

CAD Services Cost

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Creating a blueprint or house plan is one of the first steps of building a new home. Blueprints or house plans are created by a CAD drafting firms for a new home design or a home addition. CAD services cost may vary based on a number of different factors, including your geographic location, the complexity of the design, the scope of work, and the desired timeline.  CAD drawing is not an easy job to do. It’s a specialized skill that takes years of training to master. That’s why several factors play into how much a professional draftsman charges for every project. The cost of a drawing is determined by the type of drawing you want and the size. Drafts people can charge by the hour or by the project. Their rates are lower than designers and architects.

Key Factors That Affect CAD Services Cost


All additions or homes were not created equal. So it goes without saying that prices will be different too. There are 2D designs as well as 3D designs. Generally speaking, 3D designs are more complicated and take longer to complete. All in all, simplicity will keep your drafter costs down.


Size of the design doesn’t necessarily equate to its level of difficulty. It’s easier to run a mile versus 26. Likewise, it’s easier to draft a one-room addition than a five-bedroom house. Similar to complexity, the size of a job also affects the length of time needed to finish the task.

The Number of Views

One of the main factors that affect the price of the entire drafting process is the number of views that a client needs. Each view requires more time which means more paid working hours. Which affects CAD services cost.

Level of Detailing

The level of detail required in particular visualization project also makes a great difference in CAD services cost. Homes with complex roof structure, specific furniture rendering, specific lighting required with different views consume a lot of time and efforts. 

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