Final Plans

Final Plans

When your final plans are completed you may request additional copies for your convenience. We will print as many sets as you need to get your home built. In addition we can provide an archive PDF file of your plans for your records.

We keep all of our projects on file for ever, so if you ever need copies we will be here with your drawings.

Your final plans will have all of the information and details that will be needed to bid and permit your new home construction project. You will be able to hand out sets of your final plans to sub contractors such as plumbers, framers, roofers, painters or drywallers, who will be able to
use the plans to provide construction bids.

A general contractor will usually need 6 to 10 sets of plans to get a complete project bid. We provide your final plans in a PDF file so that you will be able to get additional prints at your convenience.

If after bidding your project, you require additional revisions to your plans, we are always glad to be of service.

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