Drafting Services

Drafting Services

What is Drafting Services?

Drafting Services, also known as technical drawing, refers to creating accurate representations of objects for technical, , and engineering needs. drafting services techniques have traditionally enabled the planning and communication of design ideas and construction information. As there is a very diverse range of information that may need to be communicated, there are a similarly wide range of drawing types.

The evolution of drafting services techniques has created a discipline around which other forms of drafting, such as computer-aided design (CAD) have subsequently developed.

Drafting services will be able to provide technical drawings for any purpose, including unit developments, extensions, alterations, and permit applications and will work across many industries including industrial design, surveying, engineering, construction, mining, and materials handling. Some drafting services will specialise in a particular subset, for example civil engineering, heritage buildings and overlays, drafting, or energy efficient design. Drafting services must have keen attention to detail and be well organized. They must also work well with others

Drafting services is both the activity and discipline of composing technical drawings that visually and precisely communicate how something functions or is to be constructed. Drafting is the visual language of industry, construction and engineering. A drafter, draftsperson, or draughtsman is a person who makes a technical drawing. Drafting services will employ any number of professional and experience drafters. Part of the ongoing process of drafting is the communication between designer and builder, or client and builder; much of which takes place via the “mark-up” or “red-lining” of technical drawings which are then returned to the drafter for update and reissue.

Most drafting is performed via computer, using any number of computer aided design tools, known colloquially throughout the industry as CAD. Once a drawing has been produced it may be printed for issue and review or, increasingly, it will be reviewed and marked up online.