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How can I leverage expert design and drafting services for my house flipping projects to efficiently turn initial sketches into detailed plans, enhancing the property’s appeal and streamlining the renovation process?

“In order to leverage the services of a professional design and drafting firm, the owner/builder should be prepared to provide materials that can answer questions before they are asked by a design team. An example of this is bringing multiple exterior design pics that may or may not be used in the design. The idea is to give the design team a “big picture” of the project direction so that the information provided can be used along the design journey.

Many times, a design project is not a straight line from point A to point B. Unforeseen design issues that necessitate the usage of additional information or design options that were provided as “additional” information often pop up.

Another way to leverage a design team is to clarify what parts of a plan require design assistance vs. the parts of the plan that are “set in stone”.

Your design team will perform to a higher level of design and productivity if you take the time to detail design issues and provide options for the designers to substitute design features as needed. Lead times will get shorter, and quality will be higher when you establish your desired home plan goals.”

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